Sacred Circle 无需申请自动送彩金39精选集


Amrit Kirtan专辑介绍:
初次聆听Amrit Kirtan这位神秘歌唱家的歌声,感觉那种温和的旋律,温暖的声音很适合在深夜,周围都静下来,灯光也暗下,然后一个人静静地聆听 …

Sacred Circle

Sacred Circle is classically-trained vocalist Amrit Kirtan’s musical debut. An introspective album, Sacred Circle carries you on a gentle Meditteranean breeze with its warm vocals, rolling instrumentals and whispering flute. There is an intimate feel to these chants that evokes a sense of deep harmony with the self. The arrangements have a light Mediterranean influence, featuring guitar, gentle rhythms and keyboard ambience. Thomas Barquee is featured on the album as both the producer and keyboardist, accompanied by Girish on percussion and Domonic Breaux on flute..


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